Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"Ticked Off" (from whole dog journal)

Whole Dog Journal "tip of the week"
Ticked Off!
Far be it from us to tell you to put pesticides on your dog. But we've never heard of a single nontoxic preparation that was effective at keeping ticks off all dogs. For some dogs, only the potent pesticides seem to keep ticks away. There are, however, some nontoxic products - both commercially produced and homemade formulas - that work to repel ticks well enough to consider using them as part of a comprehensive Lyme disease prevention program.

In 1994, botanist Arthur O. Tucker reviewed the scientific literature on herbs that repel mosquitoes, flies, fleas, ticks, and similar pests. He found that opopanax myrrh (Commiphora erythaea), the myrrh of ancient Egypt, has been shown to repel adults of the African brown ear, deer, black-footed, lone star, and American dog tick. Because opopanax myrrh is not widely sold, Tucker speculated that the more readily available common myrrh (C. myrrha) might have similar properties, but herbalists who experiment with live ticks report that of the herbs said to repel them, including myrrh, rosemary, and California laurel, only rose geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), palmarosa (Cymbagopogon martini motia), which has a similar fragrance, and opopanax myrrh truly repel deer and dog ticks.

CJ Puotinen, author of The Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care and Natural Remedies for Dogs and Cats, describes an all-purpose repellent that will make pets (and people!) less attractive to ticks and other biting insects. She suggests blending 20 drops of rose geranium, palmarosa, or opopanax myrrh essential oil (or any combination) with three drops citronella essential oil (which repels mosquitoes) and enough vodka, neem tincture, or bay rum aftershave to dissolve the essential oils. Start with two tablespoons alcohol or tincture and add more as needed to make the oils dissolve completely. Do not use isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. When there is no longer a thin film of oil on the surface, add one cup water, herbal tea, or aloe vera juice or gel. Apply frequently, avoiding the eyes.

To examine more options on ways to keep ticks off of your dog, purchase and download the ebook Ticks and Canine Lyme Disease from The Whole Dog Journal.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

WOW on Hydrosols

I love it when something we make available can make a difference for someone!  A success story.

Over the weekend I received an email from a loyal, and unhappy, customer:

Hi Friends,

I'm a customer and I LOVE your oils!  I also got some Neroli Hydrosol and loved it so much that after I studied Hydrosols (in a fabulous book), I ordered several.  Unfortunately my mom and I just don't like (I mean REALLY don't like) the smells of most of them.  We love the Rose, but the others were too offensive smelling to even use.  I've done 3 spritzes out of each them.  Is it possible to return them?  I would also be glad to make an exchange and get some Rose and Neroli.  Please let me know. 

This is the first bad experience I've had, I usually love your oils.

Thanks, Carolyn Deal
 OOOPS...  and, of course, we can't allow return of opened products, unless they are not what we say they are...and these were.  I looked at her order. Carolyn had ordered an array of one ounce Hydrosols.  And disliked them.  Oh dear.  so.. I replied:

"I'm sorry, Carolyn, but no... that's why we offer the one ounce trial sizes so you can experience the hydrosols with a small investment. But you agreed to our return policy when you purchased them...  they can not be returned.  After looking at your order I am really surprised by your comments.. some, for example helichrysum, can take some getting used to...but it is SO healing...  have you had a bruise and used it?  trust me, you will become a believer..   I've had BAD bruises...  and just spritzed the hydrosol on it repeatedly (as soon as the first round dried, added more) or soaked a cotton square in thehydrosol and taped it on as a compress... and the bruise was GONE overnight...  

I am really sorry that they are not to your taste... but they aren't produced to be 'pretty smells'.. they are powerful healing substances."

She wrote back discussing some possible uses for them, and some experiences with our oils, we exchanged a couple more messages, and I thought that was the end of it.

Today I received this message.. Subject: WOW on  Hydrosols

 Hi Marge,

I was the one who wanted to return my hydrosols because a few of them did not smell great (like essential oils do).  You encouraged me to see them as healing tools instead of good-smelling goodies.  You told me your experience with bruises and a helichrysum-hydrosol-soaked gauze pad overnight and how it removed the bruising.

I have to tell you THANK YOU!!!!!  My 93-year old mom has been going crazy with itching for 6 weeks.  It was horrible and ruining her quality of life.  It was all over her back and chest.  She even started using oral pain reliever to be able to manage.  Finally 2 weeks ago she went to a dermatologist who diagnosed it as eczema and prescribed a cortisone topical goop (texture of vaseline) and said to give it a full 2 week try. 

So my mom has been religiously using it, but still itching.  I said, Let's get all that grease off your skin and try the hydrosols.  She took a hot shower and I scrubbed her back gently with soap and got all that stuff cleaned off.  She was itching even worse after the hot shower. 

I sprayed Melissa liberally on her back and chest, and we let that dry (she has a bathroom with a heat lamp, so she sat there naked and cozy.)  Itching didn't get worse or better. 

Then I sprayed Roman Chamomile.  This time itching subsided a little.

Last, I sprayed Helichrysum Italicum and left for an errand.  When I got back I asked her how the itching was.  It was GONE.  This eczema has been a horror she has suffered with for six weeks, and 10 minutes after the hydrosols, her itching was gone.  This is a miracle.  It seems impossible that these little waters could so such a thing.

It could have been the combination of the three hydrosols, or the combo of the Roman Chamomile

and Helichrysum, or just the Helichrysum, which is such an amazing one that I call it "The Big Gun."  I will apply them a couple of times a day to heal the welts on her back and so the itching doesn't come back. 

You can use this as a testimonial on your website.  I would love to see others benefit.

Thanks, Carolyn Deal
 When I wrote asking to make sure I could share her story, and if I could use her name she replied: 
"Use my name, yes.  I'm still amazed that a spritz of something that looks like water could have this much power."

 Sometimes, so are we!